Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG was founded in Türkheim, Germany by Felix Schneider in 1889 to manufacture woodworking machinery.  Under the leadership of Leo Schneider, beginning in the 1960’s and throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Schneider morphed into manufacturing Radio, Television and other electronic wooden cabinets.

During the 1980’s with the decline of demand for electronic cabinets Schneider changed their business into specializing in low cost electronic household goods and games.

For a brief time between 1984 and 1990  Schneider began selling electronic chess computers which were imported from Eric White’s Newcrest Technology business in Hong Kong, where CXG electronic chess computers were manufactured.

At about the same time in 1984,  they also contractually agreed to market and sell Amstrad’s CPC range of computers throughout Germany and Central Europe under their own Schneider Brand.

Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG in the 1990’s changed their name to Schneider Electronics A.G. Schneider Electronics went insolvent in 2002 and was bought by TLC International holdings who took ownership of all their assets and buildings.  TLC renamed the Company in 2002 to Schneider Electronics GmBH. TLC was a Chinese TV manufacturer.  Below is where the purchase was announced by the chinese  press:

    China's TV manufacturer TCL announced recently that it has reached agreement on buying the bankrupt German TV maker Schneider Electronics AG for about 8.2 million euros.

    According to the agreement, TCL's subsidiary Schneider Electronics GmbH, purchased the production line, inventory and trademarks of the renowned Schneider and Dual of Schneider Electronics AG, a company with more than 100 years of operation, which declared bankruptcy earlier this year.

    TCL will also rent a 24,000 square-meter production facility in Tuerkheim, Germany, to serve as its European manufacturing base. The plant is scheduled to begin operations at the start of 2003.

    Li Dongsheng, chairman of the board of TCL International, said the purchase will help TCL to expand its business in Europe, and the Schneider brand will provide TCL with access to its worldwide distribution network.

China  Org  Announcement

In 2005 TCL International  closed down Schneider Electronics GmBH for ever and thereby ending the one hundred and  sixteen year history of Schneider.

The Türkheim facility was subsequently bought by a transporation company named Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik.

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Schneider Electronic Chess Computer Collection



Sensor Chesspartner MK 3

Schneider Sensor Chesspartner MK 3 (1984) Electronic Chess Computer

Table Top

CXG 241 - 1990

Chess Card

Schneider Model CXG 241 Chess Card (1991) Electronic Travel Chess Computer



Sensor Chesspartner MK 5

Schneider Sensor Chesspartner MK 5 (1987) Electronic Chess Computer

Table Top

CXG 247 - 1990

Sphinx Granada

Schneider Model CXG 241 Sphinx Granada (1990) Electronic Chess Computer

Table Top


Sensor Chesspartner MK 4

Schnneider Sensor Chesspartner MK 4 (1986) Electronic Chess Computer

Table Top

CXG-240 - 1988

Sphinx Royal

Schneider Model CXG 240 Sphinx Royal (1988) Electronic Chess Computer

Table Top

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