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Year Vantage Holdings Limited, China is a manufacturer of electronic products which are made in its own factory in Guangdong province in China. The factory size is over 3000 square meters plus staff and workers accommodation and facilities. Its production includes proprietary products and products made under OEM agreements with customers from a number of countries. Production capacity is approximately 3 million pieces per year. The factory is LGA certified and the company has the right to use the GS quality mark.

Brand names used by Year Vantage Holdings Limited are BrainGames, Krypton and RYO.

BrainGames Collection




Puzzle Pro

Talking Chess Academy

Touch 8 Chess & Games

Puzzle Pro (2008) Electronic Chess Computer

PowerBrain Talking Chess Academy (2008) Electronic Chess Computer

PowerBrain Touch 8 Chess & Games (2006) Electronic Chess Computer


Table Top


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