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Spacious Mind is a private website dedicated to the world of computer chess. The Spacious Mind mission is to provide site visitors with both interesting and objective information on the various iterations of this genre of chess.

The information provided throughout the Spacious Mind site should help you research and learn more about your own chess computer or chess program. The Spacious Mind web pages will provide a good starting point to anyone new to computer chess.

Unless otherwise stated, the photographs and pictures throughout the Spacious Mind website originate from the site owners private collection.

Mephisto Muenchen Modular Chess Board with Mephisto Lyon 32 Bit Chess Module inside.

The dedicated chess computers displayed in the Collection section are chess computers whose one and only function are to play chess against you. On display are many table top and electronic travel chess models.

Dedicated chess computers have many design looks and sizes. These range from large wooden tournament sized chess boards with magnetic Staunton chess pieces to novelty key chain sized with tiny LCD screen displays.

EB Excalibur Einstein LCD Chess Wizard Keychain with 1 inch (2.54 mm) LCD Screen


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