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About Westminster

Westminster Inc. is an Atlanta, Georgia, USA based company specializing in the distribution of games and toys.

About Westminster from the President of Westminster:

People have asked me to identify Westminster’s customers and I explain that we have a diverse customer base ranging from the Smithsonian Museum to your local drug store and everything in between.

We seek out everything innovative in toys and gifts, applying our own creativity to wow you every time. We listen closely to our customers, strategically building upon our successes to broaden your range of choices in categories such as handheld games and interactive plush. In fact, we want you to think of us as the headquarters for battery-operated action toys and animals.

How have we done this so well for over 40 years? We firmly believe that, “Orange juice is not just for breakfast, and toys are not just for kids.” In step with trends in the marketplace and connected to vendors around the globe, there are countless products we can include in our catalog. But our overall mission is to serve ages 5 – 99. Therefore the majority of our items have an ageless appeal. That one quality alone translates to a more meaningful population of potential customers for your Westminster picks.

Excerpt taken from the Westminster Web Site at

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