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About Sakar

SAKAR INTERNATIONAL, INC.. are based in Edison, New Jersey, USA. The have been manufacturing consumer electronics for the past 30 years with a mission to deliver great product at affordable prices. Their main product portfolio consists of digital cameras and camera accessories. The company started as a small family business but today they consider themselves a leader in technology trends with showrooms and distribution worldwide.

MAXIMO GAMING CONCEPTS is a division of SAKAR INTERNATIONAL, INC. that specialized in distributing games as well as accessories for well known Video Game and PDA Brands such as Microsoft XBox 360, Microsoft Zune, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstations. Electronic Chess games would fall into the product portolio of MAXIMO GAMING CONCEPTS.

Sakar Collection

MA21722 - 2012

92029 - 2007

LCD Chess Master

Model 92029

Sakar LCD Chess Master Electronic Chess Computer Game

Sakar Model 92029 (2007)



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