Milton Bradley born in Vienna, Maine, USA in 1836 was a famous game pioneer. In 1860 he set up his first color lithography shop. At about the same time he invented a game called “The Checkered Game of Life” after having played an imported European game with a friend that used a spinner to determine how many spaces a player moves. By 1861 he had sold more than 45,000 copies of this game. In 1864 he formed Milton Bradley and Company. In 1880 he began producing Jigsaw puzzles. Milton Bradley died in 1911.

His company however continued to innovate the game industry inventing over the years many famous games still played today such as Battleships, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Yahtzee and Connect Four.

In 1983 MB introduced a robotic dedicated chess computer which was sold under the names of MB Grandmaster and MB Phantom in USA and Milton in Germany. In 1984 Milton Bradley patented the design of this innovative robotic chess computer.

A short time later in 1984, Milton Bradley is bought by Hasbro, Inc who still today continue to use the Milton Bradley name as a unique Brand in their product portfolio.

Sadly, for dedicated chess computer fans no further computers were developed or sold by Hasbro, Inc. However the design and concept for the Milton Bradley robot was sold and later reused by Fidelity Electronics and Mephisto.

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