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About Lexibook

LEXIBOOK Company designs and markets a complete range of leisure electronic products:

· Office,
· Multimedia,
· Educational electronic games,
· Electronic and interactive games,
· Watch making and weather stations
. Telephony,
· Toys for infants and extracurricular activities,
· Role-playing games.

Owner of 200 trademarks, such as for example Touchman®, Digital Emotions®, TravelMachine®, Interactive for all®, Meteoclock®, Serenity®, Lexibook® is the European leader in leisure electronic products under license. This success is due to a strategy that includes solid, international and often exclusive licences (Barbie, Spiderman, Noddy, Disney …), as well as products with high aggregated value with an electronic component (educational computers, televisions).

This strategy, complemented by a niche policy and constant innovation allows for the international growth of the company and for the development of the range of products under the trademarks of the group. A third of the catalogue products are renewed every year. The constant demand for quality (qualification and control of subcontractors, products prior to shipping, respect for environmental and social standards) is also an ingredient of this continuous success.

Lexibook has significant market shares in its sectors. In France, for example, the company is a leader in the sectors of 4 operation calculators, electronic dictionaries and weather stations. In Europe, its leadership generally asserts itself especially in the sectors of electronic games under license, role-playing games aimed at girls, and computer chess and battle ships. Lexibook has launched more than 25 million products into the market and today, it sells a product every 5 seconds worldwide!

Excerpts taken from the “Lexibook” Website

Lexibook Collection

CG1300 - 2004

CG1400USME - 2005

CG100 - 2001

LCG500 - 2004

ChessMan Elite

ChessMan Pro

LCD Computer Chess

Travel Chess Explorer

Lexibook Chessman Elite (2004) Electronic Chess Computer

Lexibook ChessMan Pro (2005)

Lexibook LCD Computer Chess (2001) Electronic Chess Computer

Lexibook Travel Chess Explorer  Model  LCG500 (2004)

Table Top

Table Top



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